Connections book

My dad loved meeting people and hearing their stories. It was a true “connection” for him. Having the show gave him a place not only to air his opinions, but to feel like he was reaching out to a large number of people.

His show, “Connections,” was something that he always looked forward to doing each week. He enjoyed the process of creating a show, the people he got to work with and be around at the station, and his interactions with the callers. It was something in his life that really gave him purpose.

These radio show transcripts — dating back to 1998 — represent just one of the many forums he had for expressing himself. He wrote them with the intention of speaking the words aloud to his listeners, but each week he would email me the script.

I loved reading what he had written each week, and regretted that I was so far outside of WTBQ’s signal range and could not hear him share his words over the air.